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3787 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105
Tues-Fri: 10-6 | Sat: 11-4 | Sun-Mon: Closed

We stock some of the best car racks on the market from Kuat, Raxter, Saris and Sea Sucker. And our selection is second to none!

 Choosing a new car rack shouldn't be hard. We'll help make it easy for you, since we build and install all of our in-stock car racks for you--at no extra charge! And we've got a good selection waiting for you to check out. Come on in and we'll walk you thru the different types of racks (hitch mount, trunk mount, van/truck mount) and their benefits.

 We admit that we are a little bit biased: we really like hitch-mounted rear racks, but we understand they are not for everybody. Here's why we like them:

  • they come in a variety of styles and will fit many budgets
  • they are more aerodynamic than roof-mounted car racks
  • they are easy to load and unload
  • they can generally hold more bikes than a roof mount or trunk mount
  • depending on design, they protect the bike well; many don't touch the frame when mounting the bike
  • they can easily be moved from car to car