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3787 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105
Tues-Fri: 10-6 | Sat: 11-4 | Sun-Mon: Closed

River City Cycling is proud to introduce you to our fitting service, Fit Science.  We started Fit Science in 2005 to bring together and distill several popular methods of bicycle fitting and offer the best of these practices to our customers.  Over the years we’ve applied our techniques to over 1000 clients.  We’ve continued our education in the field by training in 3 different fit methods, collaborating with local orthopedists and physical therapists, and pursuing every opportunity to learn more about the ways your body works with the bike. 

We believe that everybody who rides a bike deserves the best fit they can get.  From entry level weekend riders to seasoned triathletes to professional racers and everyone in between, proper fit is absolutely the most important aspect of making sure you get the most out of your cycling experience. That's why every new bike we sell includes a Fundamental Fit by a trained member of our staff. 

 We strive to ensure that our fitting service is second to none, and here’s what makes us different:

 1. Experience.  Our training and more than seven years experience fitting over 1000 clients means we’ve seen all kinds of different body types and fit people on all styles of bikes: road, tri, mountain, touring, hybrid - and made a lot of people more comfortable, efficient and powerful on their bikes in the process. 

 2. We believe that it should be the bike that adjusts, not your body. Bicycles come in a wide variety of frame sizes and geometries, so almost anyone should be able to find a bike that fits them well (and if you buy your bike from us, you can rest assured you’ll be on the right bike). Bicycle design and production is guided by the law of averages, and manufacturers equip their bikes with the stem length, bar width, and saddle that most people will be comfortable on.  But you’re not necessarily “most people” and we find that many times changes need to be made in order to achieve a good fit.  Most of us--no matter our intentions or how much stretching or yoga we do - can do little to change the way our bodies bend and move.  Changes in flexibility that we are able to achieve take a long time and are usually not significant. Therefore we adjust the bike rather than force the rider to make compromises in their position.

 3. We owe it to our clients to get it right. Riding a bike is very repetitive, and a poorly fitted bike usually leads to discomfort. For example, pedaling 85 revolutions per minute means that you’re going to turn those cranks 5100 times per hour, and over time improper saddle height or a handlebar that is 10mm too far away from the seat can translate into discomfort in your shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings and even your perineum (crotch).  We watch you ride your bike in our dedicated fit studio then make adjustments based on your unique anatomy and pedaling dynamics. We want to make you as comfortable and efficient as possible so that you can enjoy riding your bike.

 4.  We believe in relationships.  You’re going to be riding for a long time, and we believe that there is a lot of value in building a relationship with our clients so that we can address your unique situations as they present themselves.  We take time to know our customers, their equipment, their history and goals and can make suggestions or adjustments based on that knowledge.  We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and help cut through the marketing hype that product manufacturers throw at you.  Quite simply: we know what works as well as what doesn’t; and you benefit from our expertise.

 5. We believe in educating our clients as we fit them.  We show you why we’re doing what we’re doing every step of the way and help you understand how your body works on the bike.  We believe that the process should be interactive.

6. We have the most advanced fit studio in the region. We utilize:

  • Computrainer indoor trainer that allows us to perform SpinScan analysis of your pedal stroke. The left/right leg percentage power splits give you real-time feedback needed to increase your power and efficiency by teaching you to pedal correctly. It will identify "flat" or "dead" spots in the pedal stroke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train.
  • Two video cameras so that our clients can view themselves and watch as progress is made toward the perfect fit.
  • Waterford Fitmaster Bicycle which allows our clients to experience the geometry and fit of bicycles we don’t currently have in stock or find the perfect geometry for custom frames.
  • measurement jigs to capture your unique body measurements.
  • Massage table to make our 18 point body assessment more comfortable.
  • The largest selection of tools designed specifically for bicycle fitting.